What People Say

“I worked with Liam for just over six months. Having recently stepped into a more senior role, I wanted to develop my gravitas with senior stakeholders. Liam kept me focused on my overall goal, reigning me in when I tried to veer off by asking me necessary and challenging questions which I needed to consider in order to improve. He also set me clear actions between sessions so we could monitor progress, utilising opportunities within my work so making it relevant and practical. Not only have I noticed a significant difference myself, it’s been noticed by others and endorsed at my most recent performance review.”

Nick Lennon-Barratt, Learning & Development Manager, Financial Services

“I am delighted to recommend Liam’s work. Gamma is a rapidly expanding tech organization and we have employed him as a coach on a number of leadership and development assignments to support some of our team leaders through this growth. We have, without doubt, seen tangible improvements in people’s behaviours and their ability to respond to new challenges. Liam is an intelligent, thoughtful and positive individual who has great integrity – I heartily endorse his work.”

Paul Peel, Programme Director, Gamma

“Liam coached a member of our senior management team and helped them to move on a long way during the 6 months that they worked together. We were impressed with the way that he developed the relationship with that person, and he was particularly good at observing them, encouraging them to come up with recommendations and showing them how to embed these practices in their day to day work.”

Zoe Warren, HR Director, Zone

“Number one, Liam is a really good, empathetic listener. Number two, his experience means that he offers clear, relevant insights which helped me focus on the important stuff in terms of my career development. Number three, he never judged, nor did he tell me what to do, but rather he helped me come to my own conclusions, but always under his guidance. Having coaching has been a really interesting and helpful experience.”

Publisher (1), Hachette UK

“I was struggling with confidence in my senior role at a corporate organisation. Liam was key to helping me understand the reasons for my issues, and how I might best manage my personality to improve my performance and find my own best model for professional excellence. I particularly appreciated Liam’s ability to combine a relaxed manner with a framework that gave me firm goals.”

Publisher (2), Hachette UK

“I’m the founder of a small business that has swelled from 4 to 20+ employees over the past 18 months. I had no prior experience of coaching and entered the process with an open mind and no preconceptions of the benefit it would bring. My experience has been very positive in terms of boosting personal confidence, working through challenges that I had not realised were impacting my work life and confronting issues that have arisen during the time I have been attending the sessions.

I’d be happy to recommend Liam and have done in the past. Liam is personable, attentive and insightful and is well able to help you articulate and reach your goals.”

Charles Cadbury, Director & Founder, Digital Agency

“Liam’s considerable skill as a coach is in making a warm, friendly conversation feel natural and unstructured, while all along steering you to overcome the challenges that face you. His brilliance is this ‘behind the scenes’ technical skill, which keeps him focused on helping you achieve your objective. I would highly recommend him.”

Claire Boyce,  Training Consultant,  Oliver Wyman Leadership Development

“I met Liam as part of Social Media Week. After working in digital for 15 years I had reached a junction where I needed to decide what to do next in my career. I found Liam mature, thoughtful and easy to talk to. He is well-organised and has a passion for the transformational power of coaching.  After one session I felt sure we could easily work together and the process has proved both valuable and enjoyable.”

Naomi, Senior Digital Strategist

“Working with Liam gave me ideas, confidence and clarity on how I will approach and conduct my professional business in the future… we discussed specific areas within negotiating deals that I feel I lack confidence in, before then assessing why this is. By highlighting these, but also discussing what I do feel confident in, I now feel less overwhelmed with the prospect of presenting myself professionally.”

Charlotte Harding, Composer/Producer & BASCA member

“Liam created a relaxed atmosphere which made it very easy to open up. I came away with a clearer understanding of what I needed to focus on to aid progression at an important time in my career. His thought provoking questions and observations made me reassess how I look at my abilities and the direction I am taking.”

Deborah, MD, PR company

“Working with Liam helped me understand and work through the barriers keeping me from progressing in a safe space but one that was always with an appropriate challenge. He worked with me to think through ways to change my behaviour and strategies to help me realise that changed behaviour.”

B, Senior Manager, National Charity

“I attended coaching for 6 months with Liam. At first I did not know what to expect but I learnt new things about how I worked and how to improve on other areas of my work. Coaching gave me time to reflect and grow as a manager.”

Jacqui, Project Manager, Charity

“Liam is able to work with clients to bring clarity to complex situations and arrive at a positive and beneficial outcome. He is non-judgemental, authentic, supportive and an excellent person to guide and motivate others towards change.”

Phyllis Barratt (Coaching Supervisor)