Providing professional development coaching for members of Association for Independent Music (AIM)

From the AIM members’ newsletter, 9th Dec 2014:

aim logo website small“AIM have teamed up with coaching expert Liam Moore to offer members a subsidised rate on executive / professional development coaching sessions. Similar to the Marketing Health Check schemes that AIM run these coaching sessions will provide valuable time with a specialist who can help creative professionals deal effectively with obstacles or changes in their career and improve their capabilities.

In competitive environments creative professionals need to be effective business-people too. Business leaders and organisations are increasingly recognising the benefit of using coaching to help themselves or their staff to meet those challenges by developing effective leadership and to improve performance, motivation and well-being.

Coaching is a 1-2-1 approach that puts the ‘coachee’ centre stage, helping them to identify, plan and pursue appropriate goals in order to tackle challenging situations, move forward in their career and communicate more effectively. The coach does this by encouraging the coachee to see themselves and their challenges more clearly within the bigger picture and to draw confidence from existing knowledge and experience and develop new approaches that are in keeping with existing values.

These sessions are often used to support those facing significant change or transition (e.g. following a recent promotion, managing through a restructure or preparing for or returning to work after a life change such as maternity). But they can also be used to review and unpick unhelpful patterns of behaviour, develop confidence and communication or help unstick something that’s stuck in day-to-day working life.

AIM members: For more details on what coaching entails, how much the service costs and how to book please login to the AIM website members’ area.”

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