Social Media Stories

Social Media Week is starting again on 24th Sept, and once again I’m getting involved in a coaching capacity.

This time round I’m offering my services in return for an opportunity to hear from SMW  attendees about their experiences and what they’ve learned from using social media.

The idea was inspired by the thesis I will be submitting during the week of SMW for the MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice I’m about to complete at Oxford Brookes University’s Business School. The thesis follows an autoethnographic philosophy (Ellis et al., 2011), and uses a narrative analysis (see Riessman, 1993 for more info) approach to explore the learning experience of 5 individuals (including myself) undertaking the above course.

I’m hoping that the social media ‘stories’ that people will be describing will provide some brief insight into the substance of people’s every day use of a medium we’re rapidly taking for granted.

To learn more or get involved follow this link or get in touch

Photo: W3155Y (CC)

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