knowledge, leadership & collaboration.

Banner2012_728x90_londonNext month sees the arrival of Social Media Week 2012, a continuation of the twice yearly, global crowd-curated conference. As well as in London, this year’s first set of events will take place in 11 other cities, including: Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Sao Paulo, from 13th to 17th February.

In 2011 I was involved in the running of a number of London’s events and I’ll be hosting an event of my own this year, offering 1-2-1 professional developmental coaching sessions.

As an adult learning practice founded on the principles of action, critical discourse and reflection, coaching sits well with this year’s Social Media Week theme of Empowering Change through Collaboration, which aims to showcase social media’s ability to encourage creation and sharing of knowledge, improve leadership and ultimately help organisations facilitate a sustainable (and global) economic recovery.

In the spirit of the event the 1-2-1 coaching sessions will be available free to SMW attendees and event holders. In return all I ask is for those taking up the offer to be prepared to share a little of their social media expertise and wisdom to help me get to grips with my own communications challenges in 2012.

Contact me for more info or book a session here.

If you’re not available w/c 13-17th Feb I’d be happy to discuss arranging at a later date.

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